What is my experience?
Healing is a process that reconnects and restores you to a wholeness that fosters
balance, health and well-being on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I
have been involved in spontaneous healing but deep healing of the total person often
involves a process.  It is not always instant because each issue or illness is related to
some aspect of your life that needs to be released, forgiven or blessed.  We all have
healing power through the science of energy magnified by love.  Through
energy work my health was restored which is why I became a healer and I am blessed
to help others.
I have been a Reiki Master for many years and have studied and researched different
healing modalities to evolve my own style and techniques.  I am currently working on
my Masters Degree and find healing work very spiritual and effective.  I grew up in
Canada and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio many years ago.
Spontaneous Healings
Most healing involves a process that takes time with each session advancing your
and your understanding of the root cause.  The following quotes are by clients
did have spontaneous healing:

quote: "I had a rotator cuff injury from college sports.  For years it was very painful every time I
lifted my right arm above my shoulder.  In one healing session, Blu put her hands lightly on my
shoulder area for about 5 minutes and I felt it heating up.  When she finished I was healed and I have
not had any pain in my shoulder since that day.  This was about a year ago.  It is remarkable.  I had
challenged her, not believing it was possible, and I let her work on me.  Wow!"  Stuart W.

quote: "I was cured of Crohn's Disease by Blu and my doctors kept running tests because they said  it
was not possible and could not believe it.  What happened was, I laid on the massage table and Blu
started to lightly touch me, I could feel tremendous energy shooting into my body and  I started to
shake all over.  I could feel lots of movement inside and I knew I was healing.  
For these last two years
now I have been very healthy, I am not taking any m
edication I had to take before and I have no
symptoms.  I am so very grateful to her."  Matt M.
About Healing